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Please find below details of what is happening at the Lodge in the near future.


There are no special events in plan just now. See calendar below for other meetings.

Below is the Interactive Penang Masonic Lodges online calendar. It contains listings of local Masonic events. This calendar may take a moment to load up: please be patient. 'Events View' is default, but you can change the view via options in the drop-down box, and can use the left/right arrows to change month.



C - Committee Meeting

I - Installation Meeting

P - Practice Meeting

R - Regular Meeting

V - Visitation Meeting


Please note:


This web page may not be updated regularly, but the information contained in the calendar is updated as and when new events/meetings are provided. The accuracy of the information provided here is dependent on being advised to the Webmanager.

All dates may be subject to change. We suggest you confirm before traveling, or refer to emailed summons's etc.


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Page last edited: 27 September 2010