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Ladies Evening - Saturday 25 September 2010

The first joint Neptune & RPW Ladies Night was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all in attendance - Brethren, ladies & guests - and heartfelt thanks go to the organisers for ensuring this event was so successful.

Organising Committee:

W. Bro George Hagan - Chairman

Mrs Carol Hagan

W. Bro Ong Eng Loo

Mrs Ong Sai Hong

Bro Kuldeep Singh

Bro Francis Khaw

Bro Kenneth Khoo

Bro Robert Hawkins

Bro Ravin Vello

Bro Bobby Geh              

Bro Sukhbeer Singh

W. Bro Vijayakumar

Bro P'ng Sim Guan

Bro Narvair Singh

Bro Loh Kooi Chuan

Bro Tharma Raj


Photographs by W. Bro. Vijayakumar, Bro. Sukhbeer Singh  & Mrs Carol Hagan.

Ladies Night 2010
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Family Day - Saturday 22 May 2010


The Organising Committee for the Lodge Family Day consisted of the following Brethren :


Advisor     W.Bro Ong Eng Loo (WM)

OC           Bro.S.Nagarajan

Secretary  Bro Bobby Geh

Treasurer  Bro P'ng Sim Guan

Committee W.Bro Roger crow

               W. Bro Vijaya Kumar

               Bro Francis Khaw

               Bro. Dr. Narvair Singh

               Bro. Tharma Raj


We had 60 adults (including 9 guests) and 24 children who took part in the Family Day.


On behalf of the OC, I would like to thank all the Brethren who had contributed the spirits, door gifts, fruits, ice cream and other contributions towards the event and most of all for their presence with their family and guests.


Bro. S.Nagarajan


Photographs by W. Bro. George Hagan


Family Day 2010
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Visit to Negeri Sembilan Ladies Night - 2009

A visit was made by Brethren of RPW & their ladies, enjoying good hospitality throughout.

Photographs by Bro. Dr Narvair Singh Bedi


Negeri Sembilan Ladies Night

Installation Banquet - Saturday 28 November 2009

Installation of W. Bro. Ong Eng Loo. Pictures of the Brethren & guests attending the celebration banquet.


Installation Banquet 2009

Family Day - Sunday 27 April 2008.


Fun & games were had by everyone at the RPW Lodge Family Day/evening in April.

Family Day 2008

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Trip To Tanjung Makbul, Sungai Petani 5 August 2007.


On the 5th August 2007 several of the brethren made the trip to Sungai Petani to visit Tanjong Makbul the Centre for poor and needy kampong children where our Lodge had made a charitable contribution to assist with obtaining a much needed new engine for their boat. The opportunity was taken to take a boat ride on the river to witness the research and conservation work within the Mangrove swamp. It is rare for freemasons to visit a kampong project and we were received with open arms. This is a very meaningful, ongoing project, though not that well known, and is deserving of further attention and help.


Tanjung Makbul

Visit to Penang by members of Perth Phoenix Lodge & other lodges of Western Australia, April 2007.


A selection of activities were provided for the brethren & ladies during their short stay in Penang, including a 'getting to know you' dinner at the Jade Palace Restaurant, & festive board following an initiation meeting.


Visit to Perth Phoenix Lodge, Western Australia by brethren & ladies of RPW Lodge, September 2006.


Formal & informal activities were arranged, including visits to wineries, a BBQ & golf for those who played. Our sincere thanks to all in Perth for their hospitality, friendship & time.


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Page last edited: 01 November 2010